Wedding speeches made easy

speeches1Your wedding day is drawing closer and with the Ceremony, your dress, the flowers, the cake, and the venue finally all under control the conversation and focus is now all about the much dreaded preparation of the wedding speeches that need to be written and delivered by your dad, the best man, the groom himself as well as perhaps the friend you asked to be MC for the night.

Suddenly they are sharing an attack of nerves horrified at the thought of not only having to write their speech but also being able to present it with a casual and professional ease at the reception on the day.
With most of us having heard some pretty dreadful and clumsily delivered speeches at wedding reception it’s no wonder your boys are a little panicky.

Well the good news is that their fear can now be alleviated as an innovative small business was launched here in Manly recently that will enable your bridal party to prepare and deliver with ease, confidence and humour, an extremely skilful speech. Speaking Connections which was official launched with the former Manly Mayor Jean Hay in attendance at Club Totem on the 10th May, is the brain child of Kathy Stewart director of Speaking Connections.

Kathy has over 25yrs experience in voice coaching, public speaking, teaching presentation skills as well as Corporate Communications training. Kathy working as a team with her husband Reg, a communication and leadership trainer, have included within their courses available a special workshop “The Wedding Speakers Workshop”.

If you want the final stage of your wedding planning to be stress free and fun this workshop is definitely worth looking into at

Continue to enjoy this magical journey leading up to your Wedding Day.

Big hug


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