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Umbrellas were needed from the father of the bride and her long-time Aussie friend but ……….. The rain couldn’t stem the happiness or radiant smiles of Vanessa and Magi as they became husband and wife at one of our famous Northern Beaches Venues, “Freshwater Pilu Restaurant”.

Vanessa and Magi had come from Spain expecting the sun to shine for their Wedding Day being held on one of our beautiful Northern Beaches where Vanessa’s parents Genevieve and Nigel live part of the year….Instead as the rain sprinkled down it was Vanessa and Magi’s happiness that filled all of our hearts with sunshine as they committed themselves to each other in marriage

Vanessa looked simply exquisite in a beautiful ivory strapless softly draped bodice gown, which was set off to perfection with fresh flowers in her upswept hair. Whilst Magi looked elegant and dashing, in such a casual European Way, in a three piece Navy suit and open neck white shirt.

Yes this definitely was an exquisite bride and dashing groom.  With their Ceremony held in the perfect venue for a small intimate wedding, before heading back to Spain for a huge celebration to announce to their friends and family of their marriage held overlooking our beautiful Freshwater Beach in “The Balcony Room” of Freshwater Pilu Restaurant.

So like Vanessa and Magi, let me also help make your dream a reality.

Enjoy the wonderful time you have ahead of you as you plan your “Special Day”.
Dianne Morpurgo

Hayley and Blake: Clontarf Wedding

The age of I.T. certainly came into play and made the Wedding Ceremony of Hayley and Blake both, special and memorable for 2 Special people in Hayley and Blake’s lives who were unable to be present when Hayley and Blake became Husband and Wife.
Blake and Hayley married in a very intimate and beautiful ceremony high above the waters of Clontarf, in the magical tropical garden of Blake’s Aunt and Uncle, Roslyn and Harald. But unfortunately due to health issues Blake’s grandmother and sister were unable to attend, but thanks to IT today and the wonderful age of SKYPE they were very much present and they, as well as we, all felt these two special people were actually at the wedding
Dianne Morpurgo

Jill & Johns surprise wedding

It was a surprise Wedding for Jill and John’s family, but one that was met with squeals of delight and happiness by their Children as well as Jill’s mum.
The courtyard of the Novotel Manly Pacific Hotel was the perfect venue for this small intimate family “surprise” wedding with Jill looking exquisite “but somewhat overdress”, said a son, “for a family lunch”…..little did he know what was coming!!!
Yes another beautiful wedding in a beautiful venue…Oh and check out the bubbles blown by the young excited granddaughter once she realised what was happening!!

“Love is so special, so bask in the love you share as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life……Your Wedding Day”

Dianne Morpurgo


A new trend…Finally

Dianne Morpurgo

Thank goodness …… the days where the poor Groom and Grooms men suffer in the stifling summer heat, wearing suits, vests, buttoned down long sleeve shirts and ties at outdoor Wedding Venues, whilst the Bride and Brides maids waltz in beautifully cool in their fantastic strapless creations, are gone.What is becoming a big trend overseas is …YES! Tailored shorts worn with Button-down vests and crisp white shirts, with rolled up sleeves and a boutonniere.With our Australian summer this year having been sooo hot and as it is predicted to remain so over the next few months at least, what a wonderful opportunity for you guys not only to be TRENDY but cool and comfortable enough to enjoy one of the most important days of your lives at the same time.Another great for you to know is that one of my Grooms to be has managed to find a local Northern Beach tailor, Michael, at Warringah Mall Balgowlah here in Sydney who has jumped on board with this new trend.Enjoy this new trend whilst it lasts guys!

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Capture your Dreams

Years in the planning ……..Your Wedding Day is drawing close…. Make sure you Capture Your Dream!!!!

Mala and Luke made three of the best decisions of their lives when starting to plan for their Wedding Day.

First they found the perfect location at Taylors Beach to hold the Ceremony.   It was a location that held wonderful memories and special times for them as well as very special memories for Luke of his father.  Then they found the celebrant perfect for them. One who was able to unite different cultures and include subtly special Buddhist rituals and beliefs they shared into their Special Ceremony.  Then they found “In a Maze” photography to capture the beauty of the day.

The wedding ceremony was amazing and was captured perfectly by the talented award winning crew of “In a Maze”. Mala looked amazing in a stunning strapless wedding dress, shoes you would die for and a smile that radiated the love and happiness she was feeling on her wedding day. The tears she shed whilst reading the “Love Letter” written by Luke and read by her on the morning of her wedding  …..WELL YOU JUST HAVE TO HEAR IT TO UNDERSTAND ……..SO …..Check it out on the one min video clip on my home page  …………….AND YES!!  OF COURSE THE PERFECT CELEBRANT FOR MALA AND LUKE WAS ME and I thank them for giving me the privilege of sharing in their excitement and happiness whilst we created together their amazing Wedding Ceremony.

Let’s together now create and capture “Your dream Wedding Day”.

“Congratulations” as you plan for this ever so Special Day in your lives.

Biggest of hugs


marla and luke

Video produced by

The Perfect Wedding Ceremony -Leah & Carl

The Perfect Wedding Ceremony / The Perfect Wedding Gown / The Perfect Venue! What more could you hope for. The early winter wedding of Leah and Carl was their dream come true as well as a magical time for their family and guests.

The Ceremony started at 3.00pm and the weather was fantastic. It was crisp with the sun shining brightly, showing off beautifully the magnificence of Sydney Harbour / The Opera House/ and the Harbour Bridge, all of which formed the perfect backdrop for their Ceremony from their fantastic venue, “Athol Hall” Mosman.

Leah looked amazing as she walked into the Ceremony on the arm of her mother and father. Her gown was a stunning silk and exquisite lace “Pronovias” designer gown from “ Marry me Bride” at Mosman. It was a vintage look that Leah definitely took to a whole different level when she wore the gown as “Marry me Bride” knew she would. It fitted and hugged her body perfectly, with its near to backless feature emphasizing once again the exquisite lace used in combination with the silkiness and softness of the silk.  Leah completed the vintage look with a pale Mink stole and looked … Yes…. definitely Hollywood material!

The bridesmaids wore pale lilac soft feminine dresses set off perfectly with Vintage brown Fur Stoles….they not only looked amazing but they were warm and completed the look of Leah and Carl’s dream early winter wedding.

Yes once again a Perfect Wedding Ceremony and a dream wedding come true for a truly beautiful couple.  SO NOW DREAM,….…YES YOU !!   GO DREAM YOUR DREAM  and  together let’s make it happen for you.

Biggest of hugs


Photographs courtesy of Creek Street Wedding Photography

Wedding speeches made easy

speeches1Your wedding day is drawing closer and with the Ceremony, your dress, the flowers, the cake, and the venue finally all under control the conversation and focus is now all about the much dreaded preparation of the wedding speeches that need to be written and delivered by your dad, the best man, the groom himself as well as perhaps the friend you asked to be MC for the night.

Suddenly they are sharing an attack of nerves horrified at the thought of not only having to write their speech but also being able to present it with a casual and professional ease at the reception on the day.
With most of us having heard some pretty dreadful and clumsily delivered speeches at wedding reception it’s no wonder your boys are a little panicky.

Well the good news is that their fear can now be alleviated as an innovative small business was launched here in Manly recently that will enable your bridal party to prepare and deliver with ease, confidence and humour, an extremely skilful speech. Speaking Connections which was official launched with the former Manly Mayor Jean Hay in attendance at Club Totem on the 10th May, is the brain child of Kathy Stewart director of Speaking Connections.

Kathy has over 25yrs experience in voice coaching, public speaking, teaching presentation skills as well as Corporate Communications training. Kathy working as a team with her husband Reg, a communication and leadership trainer, have included within their courses available a special workshop “The Wedding Speakers Workshop”.

If you want the final stage of your wedding planning to be stress free and fun this workshop is definitely worth looking into at

Continue to enjoy this magical journey leading up to your Wedding Day.

Big hug


Looking for that perfect location for your Wedding Ceremony?

Jenny and An definitely found an amazing location for their Ceremony when they chose Hickson Road Reserve at The Rocks.

With the spectacular back drop for their Ceremony being the Sydney Opera House on one side and the Sydney Harbour bridge on the other even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of Jenny and An or their guests.


Jenny looked exquisite as she walked into the Ceremony on the arm of An wearing a lace strapless gown with a small train showing off beautifully the delicate lace. Carrying a bouquet of white, pale pink with a sprinkling of deeper pink the flowers completed the delicate feminine look that suited her so perfectly.

Yes a beautiful location for a radiant and very Special couple.

Enjoy your journey as you search for your perfect location just as Jenny and An did.

Photos by Videographer Michelle Bui

Still looking for your venue on the Northern Beaches?

Why not the Venue Nicole Kidman chose!

If you missed the Expo 2 weeks ago at the ICMS Darley Road Manly (St. Patricks Catherdral) then you really missed a wonderful opportunity to see one of our little known Northern Beaches gem venues.
It is in fact The Venue that Nicole Kidman chose for her wedding…Wow! Would Nicole make a mistake!!!

BUT don’t be frightened and imagine it is out of your price range as it is I believe 100% comparable to most other venues.
Just imagine the ocean and the majestic Cardinals’ Palace as the back drops in your photos and videos AND the joy of your guests arriving and finding themselves in such an amazing venue..Yes it is a venue well worth checking out!

Check out my one min clip of a wedding, I conducted there and see what I mean about the venue…It’s amazing!
For more fantastic venues and hidden gems on our Northern Beaches keep watching my blogs and enjoy the amazing time you have leading up to you Wedding Day!

Love Dianne

Getting Married in the first six months of 2016? Chill out Now…As then it’s time to Go! Go! Go!!!

Wow! Christmas is just days away so let’s enjoy the festive season and take the opportunity to rest up whilst we can…
As if you are getting married in the first 6 months of 2016 it is definitely going to be GO! GO! GO! trying to get those boxes ticked to make for a stress free Wedding Day.

Here are just a few thoughts for you to think about whilst you party and rest up over The Festive Season.

  • If you are having a beach or outdoor wedding, have you applied to the council for a permit and signage to make sure the space is available for you and has no restrictions.
  • If an outdoor wedding…. do you have a plan “B” if the weather is unfortunately against you on your big day
  • Once you have your date confirmed… HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR CELEBRANT?
  • I know…. your dress / your shoes/ your flowers / your cake….BUT in reality one of the most important things necessary for your Special Day is that you have found and booked a Celebrant that you are comfortable and confidant with. Without a Celebrant or Minister of Religion present to marry you unfortunately there is no marriage and what you have is a very expensive party.
  • So definitely at the top of your list after selecting your date you need to be checking out Celebrants and organizing an appointment to talk about all the wonderful possibilities available to you for your Wedding Ceremony.

Whether it be early 2016 or later in the year… be cool… but then start to prepare for “your SPECIAL DAY”

And to my past and future brides and grooms…. the biggest of hugs!!