Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be extremely stressful. Here are a few tips to make the decision a bit easier.

  • It is important not to get too caught up in what’s trendy right now. Choose a dress that matches your personality and that you won’t regret when you’re looking at your wedding pictures ten years down the line.
  • Start your search with a positive attitude if you go into shops feeling negative and believing that you won’t find a dress, it’s likely that you won’t.
  • Focus on finding the right silhouette for you. Once you have found a dress that is well fitting and flattering you can add some personal details. It is easy to add some pearl or lace buttons if you want them. Or accessories like a beautiful necklace and earrings can not only enhance, but show of beautifully the simplicity of a gown.
  • Don’t forget about the top of your dress as it will be the part that will be seen most in your wedding photos.
  • Bring your camera along wedding dress shopping. If you bring a camera you can photograph yourself in the dress at all different angles and feel more confident in your choice. It can also help you remember what it was you liked or loved about one dress and hated about another.
  • Make sure you try on a few different shapes and styles. A lot of dresses take on a completely different form once they are on your body compared to what they look like on the hanger. However it can be overwhelming and confusing if you try on everything in the store. Try on a few different styles at first and once you’ve found one that suits go from there.
  • Decide who you would like to take along with you and don’t pick just anyone .You will need to choose people who will be supportive and honest. Taking too many people can be distracting and confusing. It is best to take a few trusted people that will be honest without overwhelming you with their opinions.
  • Wear nice underwear when you’re trying on dresses as you will be spending a lot of your time without clothes on. A well-fitting bra can actually help you feel good in a dress. Also if you are planning on having a spray tan for your wedding day have one when you going to be trying gowns on.
  • Remember that all wedding dresses and accessories sales are generally final. So if you buy a dress or an accessory in the sales on impulse then change your mind, there’s a good chance that you will not be able to return it.
  • Stay in control of your appointment. If your bridal consultant or support people aren’t listening or are trying to tell you what to do, don’t silently take it. Let them know that they’re doing this. Don’t be harsh or rude about it; just be upfront and honest.

“Happy Shopping”!