Getting Married in the first six months of 2016? Chill out Now…As then it’s time to Go! Go! Go!!!

Wow! Christmas is just days away so let’s enjoy the festive season and take the opportunity to rest up whilst we can…
As if you are getting married in the first 6 months of 2016 it is definitely going to be GO! GO! GO! trying to get those boxes ticked to make for a stress free Wedding Day.

Here are just a few thoughts for you to think about whilst you party and rest up over The Festive Season.

  • If you are having a beach or outdoor wedding, have you applied to the council for a permit and signage to make sure the space is available for you and has no restrictions.
  • If an outdoor wedding…. do you have a plan “B” if the weather is unfortunately against you on your big day
  • Once you have your date confirmed… HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR CELEBRANT?
  • I know…. your dress / your shoes/ your flowers / your cake….BUT in reality one of the most important things necessary for your Special Day is that you have found and booked a Celebrant that you are comfortable and confidant with. Without a Celebrant or Minister of Religion present to marry you unfortunately there is no marriage and what you have is a very expensive party.
  • So definitely at the top of your list after selecting your date you need to be checking out Celebrants and organizing an appointment to talk about all the wonderful possibilities available to you for your Wedding Ceremony.

Whether it be early 2016 or later in the year… be cool… but then start to prepare for “your SPECIAL DAY”

And to my past and future brides and grooms…. the biggest of hugs!!