Blessing of the hands

Some very special and rich cultural rituals held within the marriage Ceremony of Manfa and Harry made their Special Day and their Ceremony uniquely theirs. It was a Ceremony that will be treasured not only by them within their hearts, but by their family as well.

Incense of sage and frankincense were lit by the two mothers at the start of the Ceremony to purify the hearts of the couple and allow the wisdom of the worth of their love to always remain within their marriage.

The fathers of both Harry and Manfa conducted the Blessing of The Hands ceremony each pouring water from their individual vessels, whilst two bridesmaids held the flower filled bowl beneath their hand to catch the water representing the overflowing joy that would come from their marriage.

Manfa and Harry’s mothers then lit incense of Lavender and Yhan Yhan asking that forgiveness and calmness as well as perfect harmony be within their marriage always.

YES!!! Yet another perfect wedding held in the lovely garden area of the beautiful Manly Golf Club venue.

So now with yet more ideas to think about… Enjoy planning for YOUR “Special Day”


Arriving in Style!

Rose and Tony were definitely a couple who thought outside of the box when it came to arriving for their Marriage Ceremony at Orso’s at the Spit, Mosman recently.

Forget the Limos forget the Kombis……….. what a surprise and a thrill it was,  waiting to greet Rose, to see her arriving in a stunning Red Mustang.
This was not your average run of the mill transport for the arrival of the bride, but rather a statement preceding the very individually created wedding Ceremony that was to take place afterwards.

Rose looked amazing with her tiara and exquisite heavily beaded short wedding gown, offsetting her arrival in a Red Mustang beautifully.
The Ceremony held many beautiful elements including a smudging Ceremony. But there was also an unexpected highlights being, that immediately after Rose and Tony were pronounced husband and wife a huge Rainbow appeared in the sky as they stood with Middle Harbour as their back drop framed by a rainbow.

After the Reception the couple were driven off not with a Red BUT a Green Mustang…..Definitely the way to go!!
Rose and Tony may your love know no boundaries but remain forever strong!!

Want the perfect location for your Wedding Day!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]RichieMichelle[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Then check out “Bradley’s Head”!

We locals are so fortunate to have so many fantastic options on the Northern Beaches to hold our Wedding Ceremony. So many that, Bradley’s Head is one that is often overlooked but let me assure you it is simply a stunning location for your “Special Day” as Michelle and Richie quickly discovered.

Wow! With the back drop being the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sparkling harbour itself, with the sun shining brilliantly it definitely ticked all the boxes for Michelle and Richie on their Wedding Day and left their many overseas guests amazed at just how magnificent our harbour and our beautiful Northern Beaches are.

Their wedding Ceremony included many beautiful Rituals where the parents and family members were involved, including the Golden Thread Ritual bringing into the Ceremony beautifully, a part of their rich cultural backgrounds.

YES!! Definitely another Beautiful Ceremony, another beautiful location and definitely an amazing beautiful Bride !!
“Congratulations Richie and Michelle”



Have you chosen the venue yet for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception?
If not check out the Novotel Manly Pacific.

Situated opposite Manly’s beautiful beach front, this much sort after venue – at the moment – is offering you the chance to win “Your Dream Honeymoon” valued at $5,000.00.

With it’s unique position offering you the perfect photo shoot for your wedding, it at the same time caters for wedding from intimate to large.

Below are the details and conditions to win this wonderful prize and make your dreams come true.

Competition details:

Book your wedding at the Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific by 20th December 2015 for your chance to WIN the Ultimate Honeymoon to Fiji, valued at $5000!

This all-inclusive prize includes:

  • 7 nights in a Luxury Oceanfront Room at the 5 star Sofitel Spa and resort Fiji
  • Return economy airfares for two adults
  • Return transfers to and from the airport
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • Sparkling wine on arrival

For more details on how to enter and the full terms and conditions visit

Enjoy the beautiful journey and endless  possibilities open to you as you plan for one of the most beautiful and special days of your lives !!


Win your dream honeymoon to Fiji valued at $5000

Thinking of a Beach Wedding?

Thinking of a Beach Wedding?
Then to make it something really amazing, think of using a “Samoan / Tongan Ceremonial Mat” to be married on.

The atmosphere of a tropical Island was definitely felt as Stacey and Richard stood with their Bridal Party on a beautiful Ceremonial Grass Woven Mat for their Wedding Ceremony.
The Ceremony was held on the grassed area above the sands of one of our lovely Northern Beaches, Narrabeen.

Shells were scattered around the corners of the mat and the effect was simply amazing, whilst at the same time acknowledging Richard’s rich culture and heritage.
The Grass woven Mat definitely is an idea worth thinking about for your beach wedding…particularly if you are holding the Ceremony on the beach and sand its self.
It really sets a stage, creating beautifully your Ceremonial space where you will be joined as husband and wife.

Enjoy your planning for next summer!


Well Christmas is over and  you know if you want that perfect Wedding and that perfect Wedding Venue, you must seriously get started on those Wedding plans that you put on hold over the festive holiday period.

Well the great news is;  to help you get started on those plans, one of the top Wedding Venues in Sydney, “The Manly Golf Club,” is holding its 1st 2015 Wedding Expo on Sunday 22nd February. There will be free Champagne, drinks canapés, free entry and many of Sydney’s best suppliers, including myself as one of the clubs preferred Marriage Celebrants present to chat with you.
It is the perfect opportunity for you to see this wonderful venue set up for a ceremony, both on the greens and in the chapel, whilst talking to suppliers and ticking off boxes on that list you have, that sometimes can seem overwhelming…..don’t miss the opportunity!

I look forward to seeing you in February.

Beach Wedding

For those who love the ocean a relaxed beach wedding can be very appealing. But beach weddings can also have their pitfalls and problems that you should be aware of.

Here are a few tips to help make your beach ceremony the idyllic, coastal wedding of your dreams.


  • The Dress: There are a few things to remember when buying a wedding dress to suit a beach ceremony. You definitely do not want to get a gown with a train no matter how small the train is, as chances are it will get sandy and wet and you are left uncomfortable not only for the whole of the reception, but also keep in mind….. that the magical moment of dancing your bridal dance  with a heavy, wet, sandy hemline is going to be extremely challenging to say the least.
  • As most beach wedding are held in summer you may find your Special Day, turns out to be an extremely hot day, so it’s best to choose a gown with a breathable fabric that won’t leave you overheating.
  • Remember;  High Heels and sand definitely do not work well together…..But you are in luck as there are some lovely beaded alternatives that look gorgeous, whilst you and your bridesmaids, are in fact unbeknown to your guests still bare footed.
  • Visualise your ceremony: Do you imagine a formal affair or something more causal. How formal or informal your ceremony is will affect most aspects of your wedding planning from invitations to dress codes. It is important to keep the comfort of your guests in mind when you make your decision. It is not always practical to have a very formal wedding if you’re planning to have your ceremony on the beach.
  • Decide how many guests you want to have: If you are having a small wedding it is not as necessary to provide seating, unless you have elderly or heavily pregnant guests where a few chairs may be necessary, as it is if you are having a larger wedding guest list. But do check with the Council that you are allowed to have chairs on the beach before hiring them.
  • Make sure your guests are comfortable: If the forecast is for hot weather consider providing cold water and parasols as your guests arrive on the beach.
  • Make sure your vows and the Ceremony will be heard by your guests: The ocean is without doubt a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, however, it can be very noisy with the wind and the sound of the relentless crashing of the waves.  You will need to make sure your Celebrant is going to use a public address system so your guests can hear your ceremony.
  • Choose the best time of the day: As the middle of the day is generally the hottest time of the day on the beach, Mid-day ceremonies should be kept shorter than morning or afternoon ones.
  • Find your perfect spot: Scout out your preferred beach at different times of the day to see where is busiest or has the most shade or least wind. Once you have picked your location consider if you want any decorations like sails, candles or torches and then check to see if the Council allows them.
  • Check what the tide of the ocean is going to be for the day of your wedding. You don’t want half way through the Ceremony for everyone to have to scramble up the beach interrupting your Ceremony as the waves come higher up the beach and lapping at the bottom of everyone’s dresses / pants and feet.
  • Consider using bubbles instead of confetti or rose petals as most Councils won’t allow the later.
  • Don’t be a litterbug: Make sure you assign someone to be on litter duty to pick up those empty water bottles etc., and make sure that nobody leaves anything provided for your ceremony behind on the beach.

Enjoy your planning and …I’ll see you on the beach!


Writing the Perfect Wedding Speech

A big part of a wedding is spent in anticipation of the speeches, particularly for those that are making them. It can be something that causes stress and anxiety for people that are not necessarily comfortable with public speaking. It does not have to be this way, a good way to look at it is – giving a speech about someone you love is like giving them a present you know they’ll adore. It’s a celebration, not a punishment.

One of the most important aspects of writing a good wedding speech is engaging the audience in a story. Telling a story requires you to be animated and to speak naturally – the way you would speak when you are having a conversation with your friends or reading a children’s book aloud.

Structure is also important. Every story has a beginning, middle and end.  Try concluding your speech in a way that refers back to your opening comment.

There is no need to turn you speech into a thank-fest , a few brief thank you’s will normally do as part of your wedding toast and if you feel like more is needed you can always send thank you notes after the wedding day or thank people in person after the speeches are over.

Being specific is central to capturing the imagination of your audience. The idea is to use specific anecdotes of your experiences together.

Less is more. It’s always better to leave the guests on a high note rather than speaking that little bit too long and sending the guests to the bar in desperation. A speech should be about 10 minutes, but a range from 8 minutes to 12 minutes is fine.

Be prepared but do not go overboard memorising the speech. It can use a lot of your concentration that should be being used on what you’re actually saying and always read your speech to someone for feedback.

You don’t have to be a confident public speaker to make a great wedding speech , in fact to some degree it can be more touching doing something that you’re not altogether comfortable with but that you have learned just for the occasion. It can be more genuine and from the heart. In fact sometimes the most confident speeches are not the best ones at weddings, they make you laugh but you don’t walk away with anything lasting.

Another great way of preparing for your speech is to check out a local Toastmasters Club and go to a couple of meetings. At a Toastmasters meeting you will have lots of positive support from experienced speakers as well as “Newbies” like yourself, wanting to be able to do great presentations for their job / Celebrants wanting to be less nervous than the bride / or like yourself wanting to prepare that perfect speech.

Enjoy the journey!


Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be extremely stressful. Here are a few tips to make the decision a bit easier.

  • It is important not to get too caught up in what’s trendy right now. Choose a dress that matches your personality and that you won’t regret when you’re looking at your wedding pictures ten years down the line.
  • Start your search with a positive attitude if you go into shops feeling negative and believing that you won’t find a dress, it’s likely that you won’t.
  • Focus on finding the right silhouette for you. Once you have found a dress that is well fitting and flattering you can add some personal details. It is easy to add some pearl or lace buttons if you want them. Or accessories like a beautiful necklace and earrings can not only enhance, but show of beautifully the simplicity of a gown.
  • Don’t forget about the top of your dress as it will be the part that will be seen most in your wedding photos.
  • Bring your camera along wedding dress shopping. If you bring a camera you can photograph yourself in the dress at all different angles and feel more confident in your choice. It can also help you remember what it was you liked or loved about one dress and hated about another.
  • Make sure you try on a few different shapes and styles. A lot of dresses take on a completely different form once they are on your body compared to what they look like on the hanger. However it can be overwhelming and confusing if you try on everything in the store. Try on a few different styles at first and once you’ve found one that suits go from there.
  • Decide who you would like to take along with you and don’t pick just anyone .You will need to choose people who will be supportive and honest. Taking too many people can be distracting and confusing. It is best to take a few trusted people that will be honest without overwhelming you with their opinions.
  • Wear nice underwear when you’re trying on dresses as you will be spending a lot of your time without clothes on. A well-fitting bra can actually help you feel good in a dress. Also if you are planning on having a spray tan for your wedding day have one when you going to be trying gowns on.
  • Remember that all wedding dresses and accessories sales are generally final. So if you buy a dress or an accessory in the sales on impulse then change your mind, there’s a good chance that you will not be able to return it.
  • Stay in control of your appointment. If your bridal consultant or support people aren’t listening or are trying to tell you what to do, don’t silently take it. Let them know that they’re doing this. Don’t be harsh or rude about it; just be upfront and honest.

“Happy Shopping”!


Winter wonderland

Whether you’re planning for next year or can’t wait that long you’re so excited, winter is an amazing time to get married that is often overlooked by most couples. There are so many reasons to enjoy a winter ceremony!
  1. Off Season = Low Cost 
    As the wedding industry slows during the winter months, you may benefit from suppliers and venues offering lower prices and more flexible options that come along with a winter wedding. They’re generally more than happy to pass on a great discount to keep your business.
  2. Choice of Venue 
    Often there is no need to wait the standard 12 or even 18 month period to book your perfect venue!
  3. Romantic Venues and atmosphere
    Nothing says romance more than a cosy atmosphere, a roaring fire, candles and sumptuous fabrics. Hiring an elegant ballroom with majestic staircase provides a fantastic venue but also incredible location for photos
  4. Flexible dates 
    Choosing a date in winter to get married opens a lot of doors as not only are your suppliers likely to be more flexible (as usually everyone is pushing for a summer wedding) but also your guests as there is less likelihood of them being away or unavailable
  5. Great lighting 
    The crisp winter air and sunlight means you’ll have amazing film and photo conditions with no sunburn or squinting!
  6. Longer lasting flowers 
    Not only will your centrepieces stay fresh and maintain their colour, your bouquet and button-holes will too
  7. No melting makeup 
    A cooler winter day will leave your makeup fresh and flawless all day and not running off in the summer heat
  8. No sweat, boys! 
    Depending on your dress code the men may be suited up for your wedding – a winter wedding will leave not only your guests comfortable but your groom and groomsmen comfortable and sweat free in their winter attire
  9. Glamorous layers 
    Whether it’s a vintage wrap, stole, gloves, faux-fur or shrug, you’ll look wonderful in photos and stay warm at the same time

“ENJOY being a little out of the norm and reap the benefits!