A new trend…Finally

shorts for beach wedding
Dianne Morpurgo

Thank goodness …… the days where the poor Groom and Grooms men suffer in the stifling summer heat, wearing suits, vests, buttoned down long sleeve shirts and ties at outdoor Wedding Venues, whilst the Bride and Brides maids waltz in beautifully cool in their fantastic strapless creations, are gone.What is becoming a big trend overseas is …YES! Tailored shorts worn with Button-down vests and crisp white shirts, with rolled up sleeves and a boutonniere.With our Australian summer this year having been sooo hot and as it is predicted to remain so over the next few months at least, what a wonderful opportunity for you guys not only to be TRENDY but cool and comfortable enough to enjoy one of the most important days of your lives at the same time.Another great for you to know is that one of my Grooms to be has managed to find a local Northern Beach tailor, Michael, at Warringah Mall Balgowlah here in Sydney who has jumped on board with this new trend.Enjoy this new trend whilst it lasts guys!

grooms in shorts
groomsmen in shorts